metropolitan smart traffic
The paramount tech to boost
metropolitan transport capacity
Limits are yesterday
Yves Gasser
Member of board & partner Rapp Trans AG
“The idea of Dr. Hugo Beck holds a potential for increasing the attractiveness of public transport in cities with compaction ambitions in the future. The individualisation of public transport services while maintaining space efficiency is a tempting approach for urban areas.”
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Schmidt
Drees & Sommer AG
“You introduced us to an exciting and innovative mobility concept. I am convinced that mobility of the future needs strong innovation to meet today's challenges. Your concept certainly makes an important contribution to this. We would be pleased to support you in your idea and will offer your concept together with you to our customers, where suitable.”
Thomas Küchler
CEO Schweizerische Südostbahn
“Metropolitan Smart Traffic is an approach to solving the challenges of future mobility in urban areas in a truly intelligent way. The concept is particularly convincing due to the multiplication of passenger and freight transport capacities without having to provide additional traffic areas.”
Combining ......
Resulting ...
Limits are yesterday
  • gain compaction
  • multiply transport capacity
  • get true control
  • beware open procurement
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Metropolitan transport gains:
  • multiplication of transport capacity
  • implicit parking (no extra space)
  • condensed parking
  • shortened trip times
  • virtual stops almost everywhere
  • integrated solution for people & cargo
... without constructional efforts
All MST traffic is coordinated by our Metropolitan Traffic Coordination Center (MTCC).
  • meticulously defined lanes
  • highly coordinated traffic
  • i-parking coordination
  • high precision driving